The Interlocutor 1/2017

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There lies a double allusion in the journal’s title: to the well-known poem by Fyodor Tyutchev – eagerly read by one of the leading representatives of the Warsaw School, Andrzej Walicki, and earlier by his mentor Hessen – and to the specific status of an intellectual from the periphery. In the poem Cyceron, Tyutchev writes that ‘whoever has to live in a fateful moment deciding on the lot of the world then they shall be invited to a feast of the happy gods and shall be their joint reveller and interlocutor.’

The main theme for this, the inaugural edition of The Interlocutor, is ideology, which still remains a significant force in the contemporary world, though sometimes hiding its real nature and taking on forms different from those of the past. The stronger the influence of ideology on reality the more difficult this impact is to diagnose; for within ideology itself a mechanism is installed making it difficult to discuss it from extra-ideological positions. This makes ideology an irksome problem and means that in a world succumbed to its power, any rational conversation about it often seems inappropriate.

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