Platonism and the Development of Mathematics. Infinity and Geometry | Zbigniew Król

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Zbigniew Król is a philosopher who works at the Department of the Philosophy of Science, Sociology and Foundations of Technology, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology, and at the two departments of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences: the Department of Philosophy and Hermeneutics of Mathematics and the Department of Inquiries on Ancient Philosophy and the History of Ontology. His research concerns hermeneutics, the hermeneutical philosophy of mathematics and science, the history of mathematics and science, logic, mathematics, ontology and epistemology. He is an author of many papers and two monographs: Plato and the Foundations of Modern Mathematics: the Concept of Number by Plato (2005) and Mathematical Platonism and Hermeneutics (2006).

He is also a climber: speleologist and Himalayan mountaineer.

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