Time paradoxes of neoliberalism: How time management applications change the way we live

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zapraszają na seminarium, na którym dr Celina Strzelecka (IFiS) przedstawi artykuł:

Time paradoxes of neoliberalism:
How time management applications change the way we live

Komentarze wygłoszą: dr Marta Kołodziejska (UW), prof. Mikołaj Pawlak (UW) i dr Marcin Serafin (IFiS)

Seminarium jest stacjonarne i będzie prowadzone w języku polskim.

28 września, godz. 9:15-11:00, sala 161, Pałac Staszica

Abstrakt:  Time management applications aim to coordinate and tame the rhythms of social reality. It transpires, however, that in many cases, they somewhat complicate and impede this process, leading to time paradoxes. Using various theoretical tools developed in the critical studies of time and the critique of neoliberalism, I identify three time paradoxes produced by the applications: remembering to remember, planning to plan, and accelerating acceleration. These three paradoxes were brought up and thoroughly discussed in in-depth interviews with self-selected individuals who constantly face challenges related to personal time management. I highlight how managing time using various applications shapes the experience and meaning of time, makes individuals reorganize their social practices, redefines their memory, and influences their emotions. In conclusion, I reflect on how the tension between linear time and multi-temporality is intertwined with the dis-cussed paradoxes and counter-productivity of time management applications.

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