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We warmly invite you to our next seminar with Dr. Edward Baggs from University of Southern Denmark, who will give a talk titled “Why affordances are not categories”. Dr Baggs will come visit us for a few days. During the seminar, we will discuss Dr. Baggs’ draft manuscript — if you want to read it, please contact us.

Please note that we changed the dates of our seminars: this semester, we will meet Wednesdays at 2:30 pm. (AM Warsaw, CET)

Guest: Dr Edward Baggs, University of Southern Denmark

Date: Wednesday, 25.10.2023 at 2:30 pm (AM Warsaw, CET)

Meeting: on-site (only!) at Human Interactivity and Language Lab (Faculty of Geology, Żwirki i Wigury 93, room 3099)

Title of the talk: Why affordances are not categories.


Classical theories of perception posit that meaningful perception arises when the organism interprets its sensory inputs and forms a concept of the thing in the world. The affordance hypothesis, by contrast, posits that information detection alone is sufficient to give rise to meaningful perception. Operationalizing the affordance hypothesis, however, has proved to be challenging. I discuss two pitfalls for the empirical study of affordances: 1) the conflation of affordance perception with classification, and 2) overreliance on verbal judgments about affordances instead of behavioral data.

Info about the speaker:

Dr Edward Baggs is currently an Assistant Professor and DIAS Fellow

Department of Language, Culture, History and Communication and Danish Institute for Advanced Study, University of Southern Denmark

See you soon!

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