Philosophy of Cognitive Science

The first in the 2023/24 season meeting of the seminar „Philosophy of Cognitive Science” will take place on October, 12th, at 10:30 (AM Warsaw, CET). Our guest will be Aleksandra Modzelewska ( Faculty of psychology, Uniwersity of Warsaw) & Przemysław Nowakowski (IPS, PAS). We will discuss a paper: 

Abstract: The paper examines the connection between interoceptive experience and the role of interoception in emotional experiences. It emphasizes that in the first case, we are addressing the (reflective) awareness of the interoceptive body as an object, whereas in the second case, it pertains to (pre-reflective) awareness of the interoceptive body as a subject. Furthermore, it posits the potential to alter emotional experiences through interventions aimed at refining reflective interoceptive awareness.

This time we will meet in person (and online), the seminar will take place in Staszic Place (IFiS, PAN)room: 161, and at GoogleMeet  (email: for the link).


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