Neural Representations Unobserved with Marco Facchin

Section for Logic and Cognitive Science at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw is pleased to invite for an online seminar on neural representations.

The direct motivation for the meeting is the impending publication of a paper ‘Neural Representations Unobserved – or: a dilemma for the cognitive neuroscience revolution.’ byMarco Facchin (IUSS Pavia). A preprint can be found here:

The Author will be present during the meeting. Seminar is run in a reading group-style, where the attendees are assumed to be familiar with the text. Meetings start with only a brief recapitulation and comments from the author and the majority of time is devoted to an open discussion of the paper. 

The event will take place online on 5th Dec 2023 (Tuesday), 4 p.m. Warsaw time (CET) on Google Meet platform and will last approximately 1,5h (email: for the link).

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