Prof. Kazimierz M. Słomczyński inducted into Academia Europaea

Slomczynski inducted into Academia Europaea
Kazimierz M. Slomczynski, Prof. Dr. Hab. has been inducted as a member of the Academia Europaea (known also as Academy of Europe, AE), an organization of eminent scholars whose aim is to promote interdisciplinary research and advise governments and international organization in scientific matters. Slomczynski is internationally known for his research on social stratification and his contribution to methodology of survey data. He is director of the Cross-National Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program (CONSIRT), a joint program of Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences and the Social Sciences Division of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS). He works in the PAS Institute of Philosophy and Sociology in Warsaw, Poland

Wielkie gratulacje!

Prof. Andrzej Rychard

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