From hypotheses to systematicity and back

The next meeting of the seminar „Philosophy of Cognitive Science” will take place on December, 14th, at 10:30 (AM Warsaw, CET). Our guest will be Przemysław Nowakowski (IPS, PAS) We will discuss a draft: From hypotheses to systematicity and back

Abstract: This paper focus on psychological theory and its characteristics, in context of the recently acknowledged theoretical crisis (i.e. indicating poor theorizing as a cause of the replication crisis). I will argue that psychology, appreciating verbal, mostly middle-range theories, should’t ignore they systematicity (order) and coherence. Virtues important for using theories as tools to guide (limit and give direction to) the research process, including the setting of new hypotheses. Emphasizing these theoretical virtues, I highlight two (often not appreciated) aspects necessary to establish them: first, that psychological theory should center on the research object rather than effects or tasks, and second, that theories are distributed across multiple presentations beyond singular reports or publications. Then I propose employing a narrative framework to achieve theoretical systematicity in verbal, mostly middle-range theories. In conclusion, I present two illustrative examples that underscore the significance of systematicity and coherence in psychological research.

This time we will meet  online at GoogleMeet  (email: for the link).

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