Explaining Mental Illness: Sociological Perspectives

21. November 2023, 4:00-5:30 pm (CET)
Prof. Amy Chandler (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Dr. Baptiste Brossard (University of York, UK)
Explaining Mental Illness: Sociological Perspectives

How can sociology explain the emergence of mental disorders in societies or individuals? This presentation draws on the book Explaining Mental Illness, published in 2022 with Bristol University Press. In this book, we make a case for the renewal of the sociology of mental illness, proposing a reorganisation of this field around four areas: social stratification, stress, labelling and culture. Drawing on case studies from a range of global contexts, we argue that current research focuses on identifying ‘social factors’, leaving the question of causality to psychiatry, while significant critical perspectives remain untapped.Baptiste Brossard is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of York.Amy Chandler is Professor in Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh.

(email: publicrelations@ifispan.edu.pl for the link)

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