Etics of sharing and transmission. Learning from COVID-19 documentation

Testimonies from the War – Research Seminar Series

The online workshop aims to discuss emergency response challenges in an open ended situation. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine are well-documented, and in both cases, academic milieus and public initiatives reacted very quickly. These initiatives were mainly grass-rooted and relied on the authors’ ideas of urgency and appropriateness. Scholars had to act in situations of radical openness and multiple risks, and ethical dilemmas shaped their choices and relationships with people whose experiences they study. In November 2023, half of the year after the coronavirus pandemic is no longer a public health emergency of international concern, we are still amid the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine and a new round of escalation after the Hamas attack on Israel. During the workshop, we will bring together initiatives that started as a result of radical change in everyday life that affected the personal and professional selves of all involved. We see this event as a venue to discuss the ethical framing of such projects and their long-lasting outcomes, including the publications (i.e., prepared by the Center and partners) and open archival collections.

Moderator: Małgorzata Łukianow (University of Warsaw)
Contributors: – Stefan Krebs (Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, University of Luxembourg) – Justyna Orchowska (University of Warsaw) – Inga Kozlova (Ukrainian Catholic University).

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