CfP: Vulnerability – Intersectionality – Migration. Challenges and Responses.


Conference Vulnerability – Intersectionality – Migration. Challenges and Responses.

Online (Zoom), 4-5 December 2023

We invite researchers to submit proposals to a conference concerning the vulnerability of migrants and intersectionality in the context of migration.  The significance of intersectionality is increasingly recognized in migration studies. It concerns how an individual’s social situation is affected by the coexistence of different dimensions of social positioning, such as immigrant status, gender, disability, and legal informality. The combination of different characteristics that lead to potential marginalization can trigger new forms of discrimination that require tailored responses. Intersectionality is also a research challenge: It requires combining different methods, ethical sensitivity and analytical skills. Individual narratives of migration may reveal new dimensions of vulnerability and intersectionality. Public narratives (political and media discourses), on the other hand, may demonstrate new patterns of understanding and responding to vulnerability at the institutional level. The conference focuses on the topic of the coexistence of different aspects of discrimination and marginalization and institutional/ individual efforts to counteract them. We will also discuss how migrants’ vulnerability manifests itself, and academic approaches to studying it.

The conference is co-organized by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Collegium Civitas, and the Sociology of Migration Committee of the Polish Sociological Association.

We invite social researchers representing various methodological approaches: qualitative research; legal and political studies; survey research. The conference will be interdisciplinary: we invite sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, lawyers, economists and representatives of other disciplines, as well as authors of transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects.

We also invite researchers to submit proposals of full conference sessions or discussion panels focused on a specific topic (chairperson and 4-5 presentations).

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 November 2023.

Deadline for session (4-5 abstracts and a chairperson): 15 November 2023.

Please send your submissions to the event organizers, Katarzyna Andrejuk and Monika Nowicka: and

Each abstract should contain a title, 200-300 words of description including research method(s), name and surname of researcher(s), and their affiliation.

We accept abstracts in English and in Polish.

The conference will be fully online. There is no conference fee.

Call for Papers

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