Proposals for courses to be taught in English as part of the School’s doctoral programme in the academic year 2016-2017

Proposals for courses to be taught in English as part of the School’s doctoral programme in the academic year 2016-2017

Contemporary  Philosophy

  1. Major philosophical problems in their historical context and contemporary reinterpretation
  2. Main ideas and schools of contemporary philosophy in historical and structural perspective
  3. The most important debates in contemporary philosophical thought and their impact on social theory
  4. The newest schools of philosophical speculation and their influence on contemporary humanities
  5. Reading and techniques of interpretation of philosophical texts

Theories and methodology of the social sciences

  1. Advanced qualitative methods
  2. Advanced quantitative methods
  3. Methods of comparative research
  4. 20th and 21st century social theory
  5. Advanced methods in social sciences (bridging qualitative and quantitative approaches)
  6. Theory and methods of interdisciplinary studies
  7. Contemporary problems of philosophical theory of knowledge
  8. Research methodology and methods of social science enquiry

 Politics and Civil societies

  1. Civil society and public sphere
  2. Economic and cultural inequalities
  3. Citizenship and cultures in the global era
  4. Current problems in European integration
  5. The collective actors of society and states
  6. Globalization, politics and society

Culture and communication, ideologies and identities

  1. Individuals within societies
  2. Social and cultural identities in different contexts
  3. Memories, cultures and identities
  4. Ideologies, moral and religious values in different historical and geographical contexts
  5. Pluralism, multiculturalism and nationalism
  6. Media, communication and culture

Socio-economic change: Structures and institutions

  1. State and market in modern and postmodern context
  2. Public policies and social problems
  3. Society in action: interactions, social movements and processes
  4. Social change, developments and modernization
  5. Social stratification
  6. Sociology of finance

General courses open to all students

  1. A practical course on development of research proposals, and on preparation of articles for publication (for both philosophers and sociologists)

Proposals sent to by Monday March 7th should be submitted in the form of a draft syllabus with reading list, indicating which of the above topics the course is intended to cover. Further details and a standard syllabus template can be obtained from the same address.

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