Men and Ideas in the Renaissance

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zaprasza na seminarium z cyklu

“Men and Ideas in the Renaissance”

[Laboratorium badawczego “Migrations & Knowledge in Early Modern Europe”]

które odbędzie się 15 stycznia 2020 (środa)

w IFiS PAN (s. 154, Pałac Staszica) o godz. 15.00:

Justyna Kiliańczyk-Zięba (Uniwersytet Jagielloński)

wygłosi referat pt.

A lost bestseller. De civilitate morum puerilium by Erasmus of Rotterdam and its publishing history in Poland

De civilitate of Erasmus of Rotterdam is a short treatise that teaches rudiments of manners: instructs readers on how to behave in the street, at play, in bed or at the table; how to bow and pray, how to sneeze and vomit. Published for the first time in 1530 the little book became an immediate and a long-lasting bestseller. It was reprinted all over Europe, translated, adapted and reworked for decades to come. Polish editions of De civilitate appeared early on, and a Polish rendition of Erasmus’ manual was penned by Sebastian Fabian Klonowic. The most popular of Erasmus’ texts offered to the readers in a bilingual, Polish-Latin version was sought after by contemporary public and issued in repeated editions. But the popular demand that made the publishers put on the market hundreds of copies was also the reason why the early printed books perished. Using De civilitate as my example (Polish editions interpreted in a wider frame of impressions produced in other European lands) I will reconstruct the reasons behind the success story of Erasmian handbook, show why its copies did not have a high chance of surviving until the present day, and explain how we can get a fuller picture of an early printed bestseller’s publishing history, looking at shreds and fragments available to us.

Justyna Kiliańczyk-Zięba jest historykiem dawnej literatury. Szczególnie zajmuje ją edytorstwo tekstów dawnych, emblematyka i staropolska literatura popularna. Prowadzi badania nie tylko nad tekstami, ale i książkami, na przykład dawnymi bestsellerami i produkcją krakowskich drukarni. Pracuje w Katedrze Edytorstwa i Nauk Pomocniczych Wydziału Polonistyki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego.

Seminarium w języku angielskim.


Danilo Facca,
Valentina Lepri 

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