Section for the History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Dr hab. Dorota Zygmuntowicz, prof IFiS PAN – (chairwoman)
Dr hab. Marcin W. Bukała, prof. IFiS PAN
Dr  hab. Piotr Lichacz, prof. IFiS PAN
Prof. dr hab. Mikołaj Olszewski
Dr Włodzimierz Zega

The aim of our research is to enhance the understanding of the roots and development of philosophy and theology in their reciprocal influence.

One of our primary areas of research is Greek ethics and socio-political thought, with particular interest in Plato’s dialogues, analysed in their contemporary cultural context (Dorota Zygmuntowicz).

The second area of research concerns a range of topics in medieval philosophy and theology, with a particular focus on 13th-15th century thought (Mikołaj Olszewski, Marcin W. Bukała), as well as Polish philosophy and doctrines taught at university centres in Central Europe during the 14th and 15th centuries (Mikołaj Olszewski, Marcin W. Bukała, Włodzimierz Zega). This research involves editorial and interpretative work.

We study also history of economic ethics (Marcin W. Bukała)  and engage in contemporary ethical debates using some intellectual tools elaborated by classical philosophy (Piotr Lichacz).

Furthermore, we translate source texts from Greek ana Latin and publish studies on them, especially the writings of:

Plato (Dorota Zygmuntowicz);

Thomas Aquinas (Marcin W. Bukała, Piotr Lichacz, Mikołaj Olszewski, Włodzimierz Zega);

Matthew of Cracow (Marcin W. Bukała, Mikołaj Olszewski).


  • Plato’s Politeia: weekly gatherings of an interdisciplinary group (including philologists, historians, and philosophers) to read and discuss the Greek text (host Dorota Zygmuntowicz).
  • Medieval Studies Seminar, monthly meetings  in collaboration with the Institute of the History of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Department of Medieval Literature of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and other units. In these meetings, invited speakers present their current research.
  • Thomas Aquinas Seminar held at the Department of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (co-hosted by Marcin Bukała).

Periodical publications released by the IFiS Publishing House include:

“Prakseologia,” a yearbook focused on practical philosophy and effectiveness of action (edited by Marcin W. Bukała),

and “Studia z Dziejów Filozofii,” a book series dedicated to the history of ancient philosophy (co-edited by Mikołaj Olszewski and Dorota Zygmuntowicz).

Adres: Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii PAN,
ul. Nowy Świat 72, pokój 114
00-330 Warszawa
tel. 657 27 09

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