Department of the History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Dr hab. Dorota Zygmuntowicz, prof IFiS PAN – Head
Dr hab. Marcin Bukała, prof. IFiS PAN
Dr Andrzej Dumała
Dr Piotr Lichacz
Prof. dr hab. Mikołaj Olszewski
Dr Mirosław Socała
Dr Włodzimierz Zega

Our research aims at deeper understanding of the origin and development of philosophy, theology, political science and economic ethics, and their interrelationships. We focus on issues in ancient Greek ethics and social and political thought of Plato including his discussion with traditional modes of thinking about religion, law, education and politics (Dorota Zygmuntowicz). We also have a strong research interest in theology and philosophy from  the 13th to 15th century (Mikołaj Olszewski, Andrzej Dumała), especially in Polish philosophy and the doctrines taught at universities in Central Europe in the 14th and 15th century (Mikołaj Olszewski, Marcin Bukała, Mirosław Socała, Włodzimierz Zega). Moreover, we work in the history of ethics of economic life (Marcin Bukała) and analyse contemporary ethical debates (bioethical and neuroethical theories) taking advantage of the intellectual tools elaborated during Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Piotr Lichacz).

Results of the work are published as catalogues and editions of medieval texts, translations of Greek and Latin works, commentaries and monographic studies.We also edit the scientific journal “Studia Antyczne i Mediewistyczne” (Ancient and Medieval Studies, editor in chief Mikołaj Olszewski)); additionally, we organize a seminar “Plato’s Politeia” where we read the Greek text and discuss it interdisciplinarily among classicists, historians and philosophers.

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