Head – mgr Michał Chlebicki
Address: 00-047 Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
tel. (22) 55-23-704 (kierownik biblioteki)
tel. (22) 55-23-708

Established in 1956 and situated in Warsaw at Krakowskie Przedmieście 3, the library operates jointly with the library of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Warsaw University and Polish Philosophical Association. This kind of joining the efforts of different academic and educational institutions with the aim of creating the rich library resource for scientific research and academic teaching is unique in Poland. Thanks to these efforts the richest, as many readers think, collection of books in the areas of philosophy and social sciences in the country has been created and continuously developing. Despite the formal independence, it constitutes the unified collection of Polish and foreign literature that is being built with the consideration for the variegated needs of the library users. Thus, unofficially the library plays a role of the central library in these areas. Approximately one third of the collection consists of foreign language literature, mostly in English, German and French. The post-war publications form a major part of the collection. The collection of nineteenth prints is considerable though. Among the older books the collection of Kazimierz Twardowski from his Lvov library is exceptionally valuable. Among the special collections the sets of archive materials are considered the most valuable, including the letters of Kazimierz Twardowski, the founder of Lvov-Warsaw School. There are also the archives of Maria and Stanisław Ossowski, Janina i Tadeusz Kotarbiński, Mieczysław Wallis and Sergiusz Hessen. These collections were used not only by Polish but also by foreign historians of Polish philosophy and sociology, who were able to find intriguing primary sources. Due to the presence of particularly precious collections in the library as well as due to their the relative richness in particular areas the Library of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN has been included into the group of libraries that constitute the national library stock by the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Art in 1998. The library has started introducing computer system since 1991. In 1996 the launching of an integrated library system HORIZON jointly with 20 other the libraries of Polish Academy of Sciences. The on-line catalogue of the library stock counted 44,621 library records and 55,572 item record by the end of 2003. During the last year the creation of the full-text base of diploma theses – MA and PhD – available on-line under the specified access criteria commenced. The Internet catalogue is available on-line at the address The library provides the readers with the access to the foreign full-text bases such as EBSCO EIFL Direct, PROQUEST as well as to many foreign periodical journals. All the interested readers can access the library stock in reading rooms. In 2003 the 3 reading rooms were used by 38,500 people, who accessed 107,686 book items and 15,534 journal items and 18 items from special collections. The authorised readers can use the local loan system: apart from students and employees of the organisational units this includes the students and employees of Collegium Civitas, Graduate School for Social Research at IFiS PAN, Centre for Social Studies at IFiS PAN, Institute of Psychology PAN, Institute of Political Studies PAN, CBOS and national and foreign libraries. In 2003 4,672 individual readers were registered in the local loan room as well as 139 libraries; the users of the loan system have loaned 91,445 book items. By the end of 2003 the stock of the joint libraries counted: 182,267 book items; 41,937 journal items; 15228 items of special collections; Additionally 321 titles of journals were being currently collected, including 151 Polish journals and 169 foreign journals.

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