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Dr. Edit Zgut-Przybylska is an assistant professor in the Institute of Philosophy at the Polish Academy of Sciences and a visiting fellow at CEU Democracy Institute. She received her PhD in Sociology, holds an MA in Political Science and graduated as a journalist. Her research interest covers informality, populism and Euroscepticism in the context of democratic backsliding. Her recent publications appeared with Pelgrave Macmillan, in European Politics and Society and the Hague Journal for the Rule of Law. Synthetic versions of her work are available in online platforms as Foreign Policy, POLITICO Europe, the German Marshall Fund of the United States  and Visegrad Insight.  She is the Vice-Chair of Amnesty International in Hungary and a guest lecturer at the Foreign Service Institute of the US State Department. Edit held a re:consitution fellowship 2022-2023, a Rethink.CEE fellowship at GMFUS and a fellowship at Visegrad Insight. She previously worked at Political Capital Research Institute and before that, she was a journalist at various media outlets in Hungary.


●      PhD in sociology, Graduate School for Social Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2022

●      MA in political science, Eötvös Loránd Science University, 2009

Doświadczenie zawodowe

●      Assistant professor at IFIS PAN

●      Visiting fellow at CEU Democracy Institute 2023–Present

●      Member of the European Studies Unit, IFIS PAN, Warsaw  — 2019–Present

●      Project manager at NATOversity, Center for Europe at the University of Warsaw — 2019-2020

Pełnione funkcje w organizacjach, towarzystwach i gremiach naukowych

●      Vice-President of Amnesty International Hungary, Budapest — 2022–Present

●      Visiting fellow at Unhack Democracy, 2022

●      Analyst on Poland, Eurasia Group, Warsaw  — 2019–2020

●      Consultant on Democratic Backsliding in Hungary and Poland, ODIHR/OSCE, Warsaw — 2019–2021

●      Research consultancy for the National Democracy Institute – Polling vulnerable groups (woman, youth and Roma) ahead of elections  (2022, Budapest)

●      Risk analyst on Hungary and Poland for hedge funds, Warsaw — 2018–2020

●      Policy Analyst, Political Capital Research & Consultancy, Budapest — 2015-2019

●      Journalist, Heti Válasz weekly magazin, Budapest  2014— 2015

●      Senior editor, Hungarian National News Agency, Budapest/Brussels —  2011—2014

●      Foreign Policy Editor, Kitekintő, Budapest —  2008—2015

●      Journalist, Népszabadság, 2009-2010

Udział w redakcjach czasopism lub serii wydawniczych

Peer Reviewed     

●      Volintiru, C, and Zgut-Przybylska, E.  “”Institutional consolidation in Romania – between formal and informal norms”. In: “Post-Communist progress and stagnation at 35. The Case of Romania”. Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming in 2024.


●      Zgut-Przybylska, E: “The curious case of the pro-Russian far-right  in Hungary”. In:Russia’s Influence on Europe’s Far Right”. The Hague: ICCT Press, Forthcoming in 2024.


●      Zgut, E. “Informal Exercise of Power: Undermining Democracy Under the EU’s Radar in Hungary and Poland.” Hague Journal on the Rule of Law 14, no. 2-3 (2022): 287-308.


●      Csehi, R, and Zgut, E. “‘We won’t let Brussels dictate us’: Eurosceptic populism in Hungary and Poland.” European Politics and Society 22, no. 1 (2021): 53-68.


Working Papers






Realizowane projekty badawcze

●      Re: constitution fellowship, Stiftung Mercator, Warsaw/Budapest, 2022/2023

●      Rethink.CEE fellowship, German Marshall Fund of the United States, Warsaw— 2020-2021

●      Visegrad Insight fellowship, Res Publica Foundation, Warsaw — 2018-2021

●      NAWA, “International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff,” PROM, project (2021, Budapest)

●      NAWA, “International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff,” PROM, project (2022, Warsaw)

●      NCBiR travel grant, 2022 June Rome

●      NCBiR travel grant, 2022 July, Lisbon

Działalność dydaktyczna

●      Guest Lecturer, Foreign Service Institute, US State Department — 2021-Present

○       Populism and Democratic Backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe

●      Guest Lecturer, Warsaw University 2018-2021

○       Cooperation of the Visegrad countries in the European Union

●      Guest lecturer, George Mason University, Virginia, US

○       Media capture in Central and Eastern Europe

●      Guest Lecturer, City Diplomacy Academy, Budapest, Hungary

○       Cooperation of the Visegrad countries in the European Union

●      Guest Lecturer, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest — 2015-2018

○       Parties and party systems in CEE

○       Theory of International Relations


Language skills

Hungarian – Native

English – Fluent

Polish – Conversational

French – Limited Working proficiency   

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