The Chilean Memory Landscape After Democratic Transition. A Peaceful Coexistence

Zespół Socjologii Polityki, Gospodarki i Edukacji Instytutu Filozofii i Socjologii PAN zaprasza na seminarium, na którym Mateusz Mazzini (GSSR) przedstawi temat:

“The Chilean Memory Landscape After Democratic Transition. A Peaceful Coexistence”

Komentatorami będą: dr Małgorzata Łukianow i prof. Sławomir Kapralski

Seminarium odbędzie się w czwartek 18 marca 2021 w godz 9:00-10:45 na platformie zoom.

Osoby zainteresowane proszone są o kontakt z p. Natalią Skipietrow:


The paper aims to examine the present-day state of the Chilean collective memory ecosystem, taking into consideration primarily the changes that occurred since the 2014 electoral victory of Sebastian Piñera, a first politician with a clear Pinochetista ideological pedigree to take over power since the 1989-1990 democratic transition, and the decomposition of the Concertación/Nueva Mayoria block, the dominant post-transitional power in the country. Based on Olick’s approach to collective memory as inherently plural and dynamic, „a process, not a thing”, the paper focuses on new tendencies in Chilean collective memory, particularly those centered on the remembrance of Salvador Allende and his political heritage. To present it and explain its emergence, I propose the concept of Archipelago of Memory – a mnemonic structure in which various mnemonic actors peacefully coexist in their acts of remembrance. Importantly, they draw from a common pool of symbolic resources, but they do not clash over their usage. A monopolisation of symbols, protagonists and themes from the past does not occur, despite the persistent instability of the overall mnemonic regime and emerging revisionist tendencies. As such, based on participatory observation and ethnographic research on the 2018 45th anniversary of the 1973 coup d’etat, the paper aims to provide a valid update to the vast literature on Chilean post-transitional collective memory, contextualizing the new tendencies within the larger landscape of Chilean memory politics and its performers.

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