Social Change in Asia and Europe, part 2

A conference organized by the Korea Foundation and Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN)

Warsaw, October 4th and 5th, 2019

Staszic Palace, Nowy Świat 72, 00 330 Warsaw, room 268, second floor


October 4th

12:30 -13:00 coffee

13:00-13:05 Danilo Facca (IFiS PAN) Welcome address

13:05-13:10  Rafał Smoczyński (IFiS PAN) Introductory remarks

13:10-13:30 Joanna Wardęga (Jagiellonian University) The 21st century’s Chinese migrant entrepreneurship: the case study of Poland

 13:30-13:50  Agnieszka Brzozowska (University of Warsaw) Motives of starting new ventures of immigrants from East Asia

 13:50-14:10 Julita Majczyk (University of Warsaw) Strategies of venture development

14:10-14:25 Discussion

14:25-14:45 Michał Lubina (Jagiellonian University) The social problems of Korean migrants to Poland

14:45-15:05 Kadir Ayhan (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) Supplementing Diplomacy: Inter-Korean People-to-People Exchanges

15:05-15:25 Karina Marczuk (University of Warsaw) Polish public diplomacy 2007-2014. Lessons learned

 Discussion 15:25-15:40

Break 15:40-15:55

15:55 -16:15 Katarzyna Andrejuk (IFiS PAN) Vietnamese in Poland – transformations of the community in the context of demographic and political challenges in the host state

16:15-16:35 Rafał Smoczyński (IFiS PAN), Karen Lee (American University in the Emirates) Mapping contact theory in Kaesong Industrial Complex

16:35-16:55 Dan Swain (Czech University of Life Sciences) Fragmentation, Inequality and Belonging in John Berger’s Account of Migrant Labour  

16:55-17:10 Discussion

17:10-17:30 Ian Fitzgerald (Northumbria University), Rafał Smoczyński (IFiS PAN) Post-Brexit anti-migrant moral panic

17:30-17:50 Hrafnkell Freyr Larusson (University of Iceland) The edge of the inhabitable world.

Causes of Icelandic migration to Northern America in the late 19th century

17:50-18:05 Discussion

October 5th

12:55-13:25 coffee

13:25-13:45 József Böröcz (Rutgers University) World-System, Coloniality and ‘Race’-for Post-State-Socialist East-Central Europe

13:45-14:05 Tomasz Zarycki (University of Warsaw) New and reconstructed forms of orientalism and racism as aspects of intelligentsia culturalism in contemporary Poland

14:05-14:25 Andrzej Turkowski (University of Warsaw) Analyzing the influence of Poland’s EU accession on the space of opinion from the core-periphery perspective

 Discussion 14:25-14:40

14:40 -15:00 Bogdan Zawadewicz (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) Fielding think tanks in a semi-peripheral context: the case of Serbia

15:00-15:20 Magdalena Grabowska (IFiS PAN) Chasing the West? East European women’s emancipation and the feminist orientalisation of the post-socialist space(s)

15:20-15:40  Dorota Hall (IFiS PAN) Discourses on homosexuality and the decision to join the Catholic clergy in Poland

15:40-15:55 Discussion

Break 15:55-16:10

16:10-16:30 Marta Grzechnik (University of Gdansk) Colonialism as aspiration: The colonial project of the Maritime and Colonial League

16:30-16:50 Rafał Miśta (University of Warsaw) The 2nd Republic of Poland’ political field and the world system – how is it reflected in the list of recipients of the Order of Polonia Restituta?

16:50-17:10 Adam Kola (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun) Semi/Peripheral Connection: Socialist Postcolonialism and Vietnam Wars

17:10-17:25 Discussion

17:25-17:45 Petr Kouba (Czech Academy of Sciences) Montesquieu´s Criticism of Eurocentrism and Colonialism

17:45-18:10 Andrzej Gniazdowski (IFiS PAN) Populism and Radicalism as Explanatory Terms regarding Current Political Tendencies in Poland

18:10-18:30 Irakli Chedia (Slovak Academy of Sciences) Crisis of democracy in Europe and its three possible alternatives

18:30-18:45 Discussion

18:45:18:50 Rafał Smoczyński (IFiS PAN) Concluding Remarks

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