Interpretation and Truth. A New Annaotated Edition of Giles of Rome’s. De plurificatione possibilis intellectus | Mikołaj Olszewski

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The work of Giles of Rome, one of the foremost thinkers of the thirteenth century, provides a vital insight into the question of monopsychism – one of the most enthusiastically discussed anthropological questions during the second half of the thirteenth century. After the introductory Errores philosophorum, Giles composed his masterpiece of anti-Averroistic philippic, De plurifi catione. Subsequently, in the Commentary to On the Soul, he negated the thesis of the unicity of the agent intellect. In Quodlibet, Giles asked whether the unicity of the possible intellect had been intended by Aristotle. His Commentary on the Sentences provides his last word in the dispute, combining and summarizing most of issues involved in it. All of Giles’ anti-Averroistic polemics are inextricably interwoven with a hermeneutical argument over the authentic position of Aristotle and Averroes in regard to the unicity of the intellect, and this element of Giles’ noetics is the main concern of Interpretation and Truth, making this new annotated edition a critical contribution to contemporary historico-philosophical study.

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