Seminarium z cyklu Men and Ideas in the Renaissance:6 czerwca 2018 r. godz. 15.00

Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk zaprasza na seminarium z cyklu

Men and Ideas in the Renaissance

[Laboratorium badawczego “Migrations & Knowledge in Early Modern Europe”]

6 czerwca 2018 r. (środaw IFiS PAN (sala 154, Pałac Staszica) o godz. 15.00,

podczas którego Pascal Dubourg Glatigny

(Directeur de recherche, CNRS, Paris)

wygłosi referat pt.

Constructing Zamość: How much do center and periphery matter?

Should Zamość  be like an ideal city of the Renaissance? Does it represent the Italian model in Poland? The building history of Zamość clearly relates to the narrative of Polish history.

Starting from the political and social motivations of its foundation and edification we’ll question the visual values of the new founded city and investigate its integration into a broader European context.

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