Seminarium z cyklu: Men and Ideas in the Renaissance – 16.11

Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk

zaprasza na seminarium z cyklu

Men and Ideas in the Renaissance

które odbędzie się w dn. 16 XI 2016 r. (środa)
w IFiS PAN (Pałac Staszica, s. 154) o godz. 15.30

Prof. Paola Ugolini
(Buffalo University)

Prof. Marco Faini
(The Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies)

wygłoszą referat pt.

Satire, Pornography, and Religion in the Renaissance:
the Case of Pietro Aretino

Organizatorzy: Danilo Facca, Valentina Lepri

Lila Wallace – Reader’s Digest Endowment Fund at Villa I Tatti


Satire, Pornography, and Religion in the Renaissance: the Case of Pietro Aretino

Paola Ugolini and Marco Faini

One of the most prolific and controversial figures of sixteenth-century Italy, Pietro Aretino was the first known author to have made a living through his writing. The creator of works ranging from satires to chivalric romances, from pornographic dialogues to religious writings, called both divine and infamous, Aretino has successfully outwitted attempts to integrate his life and works into a coherent narrative. Recent decades have witnessed a renewed interest in Aretino’s works, yet much remains to be done to overcome the scholarly prejudice that has for a long time relegated his writings to the field of marginal – or often even amoral – literature, and reduced his complex figure to stereotypes. This event intends to shed new light on the figure of Aretino as an author and on the different modes and genres that constitute his multifaceted literary production, concentrating especially on previously neglected or little-studied areas of Aretino’s literary and biographical identity. Finally, this event aims to define Pietro Aretino not only as a transgressive figure who broke the rules, but as the heir of canonical literary traditions, and, eventually, as the maker of new rules.

Lila Wallace – Reader’s Digest Endowment Fund at Villa I Tatti

Marco Faini is Andrew W. Mellon Fellow at Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. He was Research Associate at the University of Cambridge (2013-2016), fellow of the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel (2009-2010), and visiting professor at Münster University (2011). He has published on Pietro Aretino, Anton Francesco Doni, XVI century lyric poetry, Christian Epic. He has a book on Teofilo Folengo and the macaronic tradition (La cosmologia macaronica. L’universo malinconico del Baldus di Teofilo Folengo, 2010). He is the co-editor of Books for captains and captains in books (Wiesbaden: Harassowitz 2016). He is presently coediting a Companion to Pietro Aretino (Leiden-Boston: Brill, forthcoming 2017) and two volumes on Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World and Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy, both forthcoming for Brill.

Paola Ugolini holds a Laurea from the University of Bologna and a PhD from New York University. She currently is Assistant Professor of Italian at the University at Buffalo. In 2014-15 she was a fellow at Villa I Tatti, the Harvard center for Italian Renaissance Studies. She has published on early modern satires and novelle. Her current book project is titled The Court and Its Critics: Anti-Courtly Sentiments in Early Modern Italy.

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