Promoting democratic competences in diverse societies: teaching migration in the classroom

Seminarium Zakładu Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego IFiS PAN

Discussion on dr Bożena Cierlik’s speech Promoting democratic competences in diverse societies: teaching migration in the classroom.

19.IV.2023, g.15-16:30, sala 154, pałac Staszica


  • 15:00: Galia Chimiak: przedstawienie Dr Bożeny Cierlik (School of History, University College Cork),
  • 15:05-15:40: Bożena Cierlik (Erazmus fellow w IFiS PAN w kwietniu 2023 r.): Promoting democratic competences in diverse societies: teaching migration in the classroom.
  • 15:40-15:55: Dariusz Gawin: dyskutant
  • 15:55-16:30: Q&A

Concept note:

Given the size of Polish, East Central European and now Ukrainian community in Ireland, there is a huge scope for community-based research about the impact these communities make on the transformation of the Irish society locally and on the national level. Culture, diversity, and historical experience are subjects of academic research and understanding, they are an integral part of community identity too, therefore engaged research allows to harness full creativity of the society to address societal challenges of the 21st century. Academic teachers are faced with questions of what students need to know to function effectively and responsibly in a diverse, stratified world and how to deepen their understanding of democratic concepts, learn about social justice, and examine the relevance of these topics in the real world, as well as in the local community. This seminar will try to address issue of promoting democratic competences in the classroom. Using Ireland as the case study in providing inclusive education I will also reflect on the challenges and opportunities faced by educators accommodating the influx of Ukrainian migrants and refugees in Poland.

Dr Bożena Cierlik – is a lecturer in Polish and East Central European history in the School of History, UCC. She is implementing innovative Service-Learning component as part of UCC long-term strategy of sustainability of collaborative research between higher education institutions and community organizations, and global citizenship attributes. She was an expert evaluator in EU Framework Programs – Challenges of EU enlargement, Access to digital collections of cultural and scientific content and User Centred Design. Her latest publication – Living near Dragons. Polish and Irish struggles for self-determination (with G. Chimiak). She is a recipient of many teaching and research scholarships and other awards like: 2016- Outstanding Polish Person in Ireland – category Education (2016); “Bene Merito” honorary award – awarded by the Polish government and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2020).

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