Postdoc position: call for applications in the project

The Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences announces an open competition for the position:
postdoc researcher 
in the project .:
Cognitive Science in Search of Unity:
Unification and Integration of Interdisciplinary Research
The project is funded by the National Science Center in Krakow,
under the program “SONATA BIS 5”

Number of vacancies: 1

Employment: a contract of employment – full-time, ends March, 31st, 2020.

The postdoc will be responsible for:
– Helping to coordinate the project,
– Co-organizing a national seminar,
– Running a project blog (in English),
– Co-organizing workshops the project,
– Working on the joint research project.

Candidates should submit individual research plan as related to the project, showing their particular competence in at least one area or methodology of cognitive science. More information about the project is at:

Required qualifications:
a) education in one of the areas traditionally subsumed under the notion of cognitive science;
b) high-quality publications (50% of the candidate evaluation, as recommended by the National Science Center).

Candidates interested in the position should submit the following documents:
a) a list of conferences organized, if any,
b) a list of conferences, national and international, the candidate participated in after obtaining a doctoral degree,
c) research visits (and / or lectures) in international research centers,
d) participation in research projects and grants received after receiving the doctoral degree, with an indication of the source of their financing,
e) participation in editorial boards and editing for scientific journals,
f) awards and prizes for scientific activity,
g) current research interests,
h) languages spoken,
i) a research project that the candidate intends to contribute to the project (Cognitive Science in Search of Unity: Unification and Integration of Interdisciplinary Research)
j) a list of scientific publications detailing the points awarded to journals according to Polska Bibliografia Naukowa,
k) two selected publications,
l) a copy of the doctoral diploma.

Submissions will be accepted until 31 August 2015. Please submit scans and documents to the following address:

According to the rules of the grant SONATA BIS 5, only people who did not previously cooperate in a team together with prof. M. Miłkowski can submit applications. 50% of the final score will be based on the publication points as detailed in Polska Bibliografia Naukowa.

In the application, please include the statement: I hereby authorize you to process my personal data included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment (in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection dated 29.08.97).

The Commission will award additional points (5% of the grade) to candidates who submit a further statement:
– In case of winning the competition, I declare that the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology will be my primary place of employment and that during my employment in IFiS PAN I will annually submit a declaration of consent to include me among researchers taken into account in the allocation of funds to maintain the research capacity of the Institute as part of its statutory activities.

There will be interviews that the Competition Commission will carry out with the candidates on September 2, 2015 in Warsaw, Poland.

The Competition Commission reserves the right to contact only selected candidates and the right to notify only selected candidates of the final decision. The Commission’s decisions are sovereign matter of IFiS PAN and do not require justification.

The results will be announced no later than September, 14th, 2015.

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