Philosophy of Cognitive Science

The next seminar: „Philosophy of Cognitive Science” meeting will take place on June, 1st, at 10:30 (AM Warsaw, CET). We will meet online at GoogleMeet  (for link ask: Our guest will be Holger Lyre (University of Magdeburg). We will discuss his paper: Neurophenomenal structuralism. A philosophical agenda for a structuralist neuroscience of consciousness.

Abstract: The program of “neurophenomenal structuralism” is presented as an agenda for a genuine structuralist neuroscience of consciousness that seeks to understand specific phenomenal experiences as strictly relational affairs. The paper covers a broad range of topics. It starts from considerations about neural change detection and relational coding that motivate a solution of the Newman problem of the brain in terms of spatiotemporal relations. Next, phenomenal quality spaces and their Q-structures are discussed. Neurophenomenal structuralism proclaims a homomorphic mapping of the structures of self-organized neural maps in the brain onto Q-structures, and it will be demonstrated how this leads to a new and special version of structural representationalism about phenomenal content. A methodological implication of neurophenomenal structuralism is that it proposes measurement procedures that focus on the relationships between different stimuli (as, for instance, similarity ratings or representational geometry methods). Finally, it will be shown that neurophenomenal structuralism also has strong philosophical implications, as it leads to holism about phenomenal experiences and serves to reject inverted qualia scenarios.

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