New Projects Seminar at GSSR

Evidence-Based Humanitarianism – quantifying needs and impact in the humanitarian NGO sector.

Aleksandra Kraszkiewicz

 Time: Apr 5, 2023 10:00 AM Warsaw

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The concept of humanitarian assessments can be traced back to the early 20th century when the International Red Cross began conducting surveys to identify the needs of people affected by war. Since then, various organizations, including the United Nations (UN) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), have adopted different methods to assess the needs of people affected by disasters and conflicts. The humanitarian NGO sector has witnessed significant growth in recent decades, primarily driven by global disasters and conflicts. However, the conventional practice of providing aid without adequately assessing the actual requirements of the beneficiaries and measuring its impact has faced criticism. In response, evidence-based humanitarianism has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional approaches. This paradigm entails a quantification of the needs and impact of humanitarian aid. The lecture titled “Evidence-Based Humanitarianism – Quantifying Needs and Impact in the Humanitarian NGO Sector” delves into the historical evolution of humanitarian assessments, the various types of assessments and their application, the controversies surrounding the use of different approaches to standardize and quantify humanitarian needs, as well as the role of monitoring and evaluation in the process of generating and understanding the data, which ultimately serves as evidence for the decisions shaping humanitarian responses.

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