Multidisciplinary Avant Symposium

“Living in the soundscape / from cognitive to cultural approaches and back”

Multidisciplinary Avant Symposium, June 2–3, 2023, Katowice (Poland)

The symposium is devoted to research on hearing and understanding sounds. It is a multidisciplinary event with a wide range of approaches spanning from cognitive to cultural research, also encompassing various philosophies of sound and hearing. Certainly, multimodality is an important feature of our “being in the world”. Regardless, however, we see great value in examining and reflecting on the specifics of our hearing and of sound landscapes in which we grew up, but which we create, also and the context of climate crisis and sustainable development. In recent decades, the cognitive science of hearing has emerged on the one hand, and sound culture research on the other. At the same time, issues related to this modality are present in various other research projects and applications of the research.

We do not expect specialists combining cognitive and culture (or other) approaches; rather, we aim at designing a space for mutual inspiration and exchange. We strongly encourage you, as far as possible, to see your participation in our event as an opportunity to demonstrate phenomena worth investigating in practice. Therefore, among the forms of presentation, apart from classic papers, we also offer performative papers and posters/sound installations (technical guidelines for those interested will be posted soon).

The symposium will be held in person, except for a special sound poster session.

Invited lecturers:

  • Ryszard AUKSZTULEWICZ (Freie Universität Berlin): predictive processing and hearing research, and others
  • Andrzej KLAWITER & Anna PREIS (Adam Mickiewicz University): auditory affordances, psychoacoustics, and others
  • Ania Katharina MAURUSCHAT (University of Copenhagen): sounding crisis and others
  • Salomé VOEGELIN (London College of Communication; University of the Arts London): transdisciplinary studies on the sonic, relational logic of sound, and more

The deadline for submitting abstracts is April 10.

The official (main) language of the international symposium is English. However, papers/posters in Polish are also welcome.

Organizers and academic partners of the symposjum are: Avant Project, University of Silesia, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Polish Academy od Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, Jagiellonian University.

More information about the symposium:

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