Moskalewicz, Kordel, Wiertlewska-Bielarz – Lived Time in Chemotherapy. A Quantitative Phenomenology

The next meeting of the seminar is planned for May, 28th, at 12:00 (CET). Our guest will be Marcin Moskalewicz (Poznan University of Medical Sciences). We will discuss a draft paper by Marcin Moskalewicz, Piotr Kordel and Jadwiga Wiertlewska-Bielarz (all: Poznan University of Medical Sciences): Lived Time in Chemotherapy A Quantitative Phenomenology.

 The aim of this study was to quantitatively validate the experiential phenomenon termed the temporal paradox of chemotherapy. It was uncovered in a previous applied phenomenological study of lived time in ovarian cancer patients through a combination of Giorgi’s descriptive phenomenology and consensual qualitative research. The phenomenon appeared as an eidetic background of three leading narrative themes: 1) the paradox of time – the patients’ confusion stemming from their sense of time both slowing down in the days right after chemotherapy and slipping away later on; 2) losing and gaining control over time – the patients’ struggle to find activities that would make time pass more quickly (associated with their physical weakness right after chemotherapy and subsequent recovery) 3) chemo clock – using a triweekly scheme of hospital visits as a basic conceptual tool of orientation in progressing time.

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