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Marcin Fronia

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Kierownik Podyplomowego Studium Public Relations & Strategic Communication


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Zespół Badawczy Socjologii Polityki, Gospodarki i Edukacji

Obszary zainteresowań naukowych

Environmental sociology
Transition to green economy and circular economy
Public policy and institutional analysis
Sustainability studies
Sociology of international relations
Sociology of the future
Sociology of economy
Sociology of knowledge
(Critical) Discourse Analysis
Nordic-Baltic region
Studies on transfer of knowledge and innovation
Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Skrócony biogram

Research interest in environmental sociology studies with focus on interpretative (discursive) and institutional policy analysis of transition to green economy (circular economy, green jobs) in comparative international perspective: Poland, Germany and Scandinavian countries.


Previously visiting researcher at Lancaster University, Freie Universitat Berlin, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs in Oslo and Georg Eckert Institute in Braunschweig.


Scholarship awarded by British Council, Norwegian Fritt Ord (for studying at Oslo University Summer School), City of Wrocław and twice by Polish Ministry of Education.


Zainteresowania pozanaukowe

I have also 10+ years of experience as project coordinator, expert or administrator in various international projects related to transfer of knowledge, R&D sector and education. Currently as executive director of an centre for research and consultation oriented to analysis of the best innovative achievements in Nordic-Baltic region with potential of transferring them to Poland and other CEE countries. Frequently I am also media commentator on social, economic and political situation in countries from the Nordic-Baltic region.

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