Mechanistic Integration and Unification in Cognitive Science: Preliminary schedule

Mechanistic Integration and Unification in Cognitive Science


June, 23-25, 2016

Thursday, June, 23th

9:30 am — Key Speaker: William Bechtel (University of California San Diego), Integrating the Mind-Brain Sciences: Hierarchies of Non-holonomic Constraints

11:00 am — Coffee break

11:30 am — TBA
12:10 pm — Przemysław Robert Nowakowski (Center for Philosophical Research), From Mechanistic Approach of Morphological Computations to Embodied Cognition
12:50 pm — Jens Harbecke (Witten/Herdecke University), A Theory of Constitutive Inference for the Regularity Account of Mechanistic Constitution

1:30 pm — Lunch

2:30 pm — Sabrina Golonka and Andrew Wilson (Leeds Beckett University), Ecological Behavioral Science
3:10 pm — Witold Wachowski (University of Warsaw), Distributed Cognition and Mechanistic Explanation
3:50 pm — Witold Hensel (University of Białystok), Mechanism Components and Explanatory Power
4:30 pm — Marcin Miłkowski (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences), TBA

5:10 pm — End of sessions

Friday, June 24th

9:30 am — Key Speaker: Carl Craver (Washington University, St. Louis), Are More Details Better?

11:00 am — Coffee break

11:30 am — Beate Krickel (Ruhr-University Bochum), Constitutive Relevance – What it is and How it can be Definedin Terms of Interventionism
12:10 pm — Lena Kästner (Humboldt-Universität), A Roadmap for Mechanistic Integration
12:50 pm — Michał Piekarski (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University), Connection Between Pattern Recognition and Memory in the Context of Prediction. Mechanistic Approach, Dynamic Approach or Synthesis of Both?

1:30 pm — Lunch

2:30 pm — Mateusz Hohol (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences), Geometric Cognition as Explanandum: A Mechanistic Approach
3:10 pm — Catherine Stinson (University of Western Ontario), Mechanistic and Mathematical Explanation Unified
3:50 pm — Anna Kocsis (Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb), The Computation-Representation Divide: The Case of Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Development
4:30 pm — TBD

5:10 pm — End of sessions

6:30 pm — Workshop dinner (cost not covered by fees)

Saturday, June 25th

09:30 am → Key Speaker: David Kaplan (Macquarie University), TBA

11:00 am → Coffee break

11:30 am → Paweł Gładziejewski (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences), Mechanisms, representations, and exploitable similarity
12:10 pm → Alfredo Vernazzani (Universität Bonn), Visual perception, Trope similarity, and Intentional Mechanisms
12:50 pm → Jakub Matyja (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences), TBA

1:30 pm Lunch

2:30 pm → Andrea Zeppi, Alessio Plebe and Pietro Percent (University of Messina), Looking at Complexity the Other Way Around
3:10 pm → Brice Bantegnie (Jean Nicod Institute), Psychology, Still not Autonomous After All these Years
3:50 pm → Carlos Zednik (Otto von Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg), Explanation in Cognitive Science: Marr and Mechanisms

4:30 pm → End of conference

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