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South Asia; Men and Masculinities; Sociology of Gender; Environment; Transnational Migration;      Agriculture; Sociology of Health; Qualitative Methods; Workplace behavior

Pełnione funkcje w organizacjach, towarzystwach i gremiach naukowych

· ·       Founder and Coordinator, Qualitative Research Lab – Global South,

·       2022-2023: Elected Student Representative, American Sociological Association (Section of Body and Embodiment)

·       2022 Session Organizer: “Caste and Space.” Canadian Sociological Association with Jusmeet Sihra, Sciences Po Paris and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

·       2021 Program Committee Member and Roundtable Organizer, American Sociological Association Section of Body and Embodiment (Roundtables: “Bodily representations and observations;” “Engaging duality: Beyond life and death”)

·       Session Chair and Organizer, Migration, Masculinities, Gender, and Motherhood at 35th Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference, Fredericton, NB, 2018.

·       Reviewer: Third World Quarterly (n=1); Gender, Place and Culture (n=2); Mapping Politics (n=1) (a student-led journal at Memorial University of Newfoundland); Contingent Horizons: The York University Student Journal of Anthropology (n=2)


Stypendia naukowe

·        2021/22

Scholarship in the Arts Doctoral Completion Award,

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, MUN

·       2021

Canadian Sociological Association Student Spotlight                              

·       2019-2020

Scotiabank Bursary for International Study – Graduate                              

·        2016-2020

School of Graduate Studies Baseline Funding for Doctoral Studies

·       2020

The Qualitatives conference featured student grant                      


Wystąpienia na konferencjach, sympozjach, lub seminariach


·       “Punjabi masculinities and transnational spaces: performance, choice, and othering,” Canadian Sociological Association (Session: Masculinities in transition), Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 19 May 2022


·       “Gender, caste, and spatiality,” American Sociological Association (Sub-Unit: Space and Place: Boundaries and Meanings of Place). 9 August 2021.

·       “Field Realities in the Global South: Practicing Reflexivity with Marginalized Populations,” 20th Annual Thinking Qualitatively Virtual Conference, with Sumeet Sekhon and Rachelle Hole, University of British Columbia Okanagan. 4 July 2021.

·       Workshop: “Decolonizing Research Methods for the Global South,” The Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID), Edmonton, BC (virtual), with Sumeet Sekhon, University of British Columbia Okanagan. 3 June 2021 (virtual).

·       “Gender, caste, and spatiality: Intersectional emergence of hegemonic masculinities,” Canadian Sociological Association. 31 May 2021 (virtual).

·       “India’s agrarian crisis: Farmers’ protest and the history of anthropogenic environmental degradation,” International Conference on Environmental Crises in the Indian Ocean World since 1800, Indian Ocean World Center, McGill University, with Harminder Sran, University of San Francisco, CA. 28 May 2021

·       “Transitioning Masculinities: Transnational Migration and Masculine Subjectivities of Young Punjabi Men,” IV International Sociological Association (ISA) Forum of Sociology, Brazil. 26 February 2021 (virtual) Recording available at: @32:25

·       “Addressing Transnational Emigration of Youth from Punjab in Light of Environmental Factors: Bringing Farmers from Margins to the Center,” IV ISA Forum of Sociology, Brazil. With Harminder Sran, University of San Francisco, CA. 24 February 2021 (virtual)


·       “Caste Visibility and Hegemonic Masculinity: Theorizing Caste-Embodiment in Local and Transnational Spaces,” Junior Theorists Symposium, American Sociological Association, Berkeley, August 2020 (virtual due to COVID-19). Also featured in Perspectives: A newsletter of the ASA theory section:

·       “Transnational Masculinities: caste, embodiment, and masculine capital in transnational spaces” presented at Sociology Uncancelled: A Socially Distant Graduate Symposium, MUN. 2020 (virtual due to COVID-19)

·       “Understanding Hegemonic Masculinities: Theorizing Pride,” Qualitative Analysis Conference (cancelled due to COVID-19).


·        “Legitimate PTSD?”: Self-responsibilization and accountability of PSP on trauma, help-seeking and the role of resiliency as a personal attribute” poster presented at BC First Responders’ Mental Health Conference, Richmond B.C. With Elizabeth Andres, Nick Carleton, Rose Ricciardelli, & Greg Anderson. 2019


·       “Fit for Public Safety: Informing attitudes and practices tied to the hiring of public safety personnel” presented at CIMVHR FORUM, Regina, SK. With Elizabeth Andres, Rosemary Ricciardelli, Nicholas Carleton, Greg Anderson. 2018

·       “Masculinity in Transition: Case study of young immigrant Punjabi men in Canada” presented at 25th Canadian Ethnic Studies Association Conference, Banff, Alberta. 2018

·       “Negotiating risk and choice in multiple fetus pregnancies: Reduction, termination or ‘risking it out’” XIX ISA Annual World Congress, Toronto, ON. With Rose Ricciardelli. 2018

·       “I asked for it: how women experience stigma in their transition from being infertile to being mothers of multiples through assisted reproductive technologies” 35th Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference, Fredericton, NB. With Rose Ricciardelli. 2018


·       “I asked for it”. Poster presented at 8th Annual International Conference on Stigma. Washington, D.C. with Rose Ricciardelli. 2017

·       “Chronic Pain Perception in Different Ethnic Groups in India and its Impact on Quality of Life” presented at 19th Aldrich Multidisciplinary Graduate Research Conference—Community Oriented Research: Local and Global Communities, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL. 2017

Dorobek popularyzatorski

Invited Talk: “Caste, Class, & Masculinities” The Sociological Breakdown (Podcast), 11 November 2021. Available at:

Invited Comment: “Do small farmers have a future in India?” The Stream, Al Jazeera English (television), January 25, 2021. Available at:


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

2022                 Kaur, Navjotpal. “Gender, caste, and spatiality: Intersectional emergence of hegemonic masculinities in Indian Punjab.” Gender, Place and Culture.

2022                 Kaur, Navjotpal, Rosemary Ricciardelli, and Kimberley Clow. “Men in nursing: A qualitative examination of students’ stereotypes of male nurses through the framework of social role theory and stereotype content model.” Journal of Men’s Studies.

2021                 Kaur, Navjotpal, Rosemary Ricciardelli, Amber Fletcher, and R. Nicholas Carleton. “You are safe. You are not alone:” Gender and Social Support Coping in Public Safety Personnel. Journal of Gender Studies.

2020                 Kaur, Navjotpal & Rosemary Ricciardelli. “Negotiating risk and choice in multifetal pregnancies.” Social Science & Medicine. Vol. 252

2019                 Ricciardelli, Rosemary, Elizabeth Andres, Navjotpal Kaur, Stephen Czarnuch, & R. Nicholas Carleton. “Fit for public safety: Informing attitudes and practices tied to the hiring of public safety personnel.” Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health. Vol. 35 (1); pp. 14-36. DOI:10.1080/15555240.2019.1664306

2017                 Kaur, Navjotpal & Rosemary Ricciardelli. “I asked for it: how women experience stigma in their transition from being infertile to being mothers of multiples through assisted reproductive technologies.” Journal of the Motherhood Initiative. Vol. 8 (1,2): 230-246.

Book Reviews:

2022                 Kaur, Navjotpal. Gender, Power, and Identity: Essays on Masculinities in Rural India by Prem Chowdhry (Orient Blackswan, 2019, 288 pp) in Anthropologica, 64(1).

2020                 Ricciardelli, Rose & Navjotpal Kaur. New Perspectives on Prison Masculinities, Edited by Matthew Maycock and Kate Hunt (Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology, 2018, 343 pp) in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books (Rutgers). Available at:

Public Writing:

2021                 Kaur, Navjotpal & Sumeet Sekhon. (6 January 2021). Women take lead roles in India’s farmers’ protest. The Conversation. Available at:

2021                 Kaur, Navjotpal. (6 January 2021). Field Realities in the Global South: Acknowledging Emotion and the Importance of Reflexivity. London School of Economics Field Research Methods Lab. Available at:

2020                 Kaur, Navjotpal. Abductive Analysis in Qualitative Research: Identifying and Theorizing Unexpected Findings. The Sociological Review Blog in December 2020 Theme: Postgraduate Research. Available at:

2020                 Kaur, Navjotpal. Virtual Solidarity and Utopian Dreams: Navigating Unprecedented Times through Cyberspaces. Quaranzine. Feminist Intersectional Solidarity Group, Canadian Association of Geographers.

2019                 Sekhon, Sumeet & Navjotpal Kaur. (3 December 2019). Punjabi ideas of honour can lead to girl shaming and prenatal sex-selection. The Conversation.

                        Republished by Vancouver Sun,, and 8 more publishers.

2019                 Sekhon, Sumeet & Navjotpal Kaur. (12 November 2019). International perspective: Indian students studying in Canada. Times Higher Education.

Republished by Vancouver Sun

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