Call for Papers: 3rd International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology

Experience and Life
Edmund Husserl’s Experience and Judgement in the Light
of Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis
August, 14th-21th 2022 – GSSR/IFiS PAN

Warsaw The 3rd International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology will take place August, 14th-21th 2022 at the GSSR/IFiS PAN in Warsaw and will investigate the origins of logic and knowledge in Husserl’s last work Erfahrung und Urteil. A special focus of the Summer School is provided by the cooperation with psychoanalytical scholars and experts who will shed light on the correlation between genetic phenomenology and psychoanalysis.The 3rd Research Summer School is open to anyone interested in phenomenological research.

The participation fee is 50 € (240 zł). The participation of all Ukrainian refugees and other war refugees is free of charge.

It is also possible to apply to present a phenomenologically-oriented project in small workshops moderated by the invited speakers of the conference.

Each outline presentation will be around 10 minutes followed by discussion of the project, suggestions of textual references, questions, recommendations, etc. by all participants in the workshop.

Presenters are encouraged to indicate appropriate textual selections in advance. While participation in the workshops is expected by all student conference members, presentation in the workshops is voluntary and must be applied for.

To apply to present in a workshop, send an abstract of your project (500 words) and a cv (1 page) to before July 10th. The abstract should provide a clear description of the project to be presented in the workshop. A limited number of proposals will be selected. Presenters will be notified by July, 20th.

Languages: English and German

Total Class Time: 30h

We invite all interested students and scholars to register as participants in the Research Summer School by sendingan email to (participation as listener).

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